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The Caruthers Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think-tank that conducts research, crafts solutions and leads advocacy on emerging issues for the purpose of data-driven social change. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, the Institute believes important policy decisions should be made based upon data – not ideology, partisanship or political influence.




St. Petersburg and Orlando lead state in deadly trend of juvenile auto thefts

ST PETERSBURG, FL (August 19, 2019) — St. Petersburg and Orlando lead the state in juvenile auto theft arrests, which have been rampant in Florida in the past five years, reports The Caruthers Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank that [...]

Alabama juvenile justice study shows how to shrink school-to-prison pipeline

NEWS RELEASE / August 19, 2019 Juvenile justice study shows Alabama could reap enormous benefits and shrink its school-to-prison pipeline by adopting new approach to common youth misbehavior Study also reveals more black youth charged than white youth, and children [...]

4 lessons for your state from the Alabama study on arrests for common youth misbehavior

A new juvenile justice study shows that Alabama could have saved more than $52 million and arrested nearly 36,000 fewer children for minor offenses in 2012-16 by using Florida’s juvenile civil citation pre-arrest diversion approach. And Florida’s approach has proven [...]

St. Petersburg is ground zero for juvenile auto thefts in Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida has long been at the center of Pinellas County’s teen auto theft epidemic. But data shows the city has also been ground zero for the state over the past five years in this regard, which is illustrated [...]

How states can shrink school-to-prison pipelines and reap enormous benefits

In the 1990s, states began to address low-risk youth conduct with zero tolerance policies that criminalized acts like fights without injuries, vandalism, petit theft, underage drinking, marijuana possession, and other common youth misbehaviors. These petty acts—in previous days handled by [...]