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Requiring Juvenile Civil Citations in Florida

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   February 16, 2017 Contact:  Dewey Caruthers  Cell: 813-294-5612 / Email: Dewey@caruthers.institute   Report demonstrates proposed legislation requiring juvenile civil citations for minor offenses would benefit public safety, youth and taxpayers The report provides data [...]

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Ranking the Nation’s Best Local Education Foundations

Sean Cavanagh, Senior Editor December 11, 2016 Local education foundations hold more than $500 million in assets and are pouring at least $160 million into K-12 grants and programs, according to a new report, which ranks the [...]

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Educational Foundation of Lake County

By Carman December 8, 2016 The nation’s only annual study and ranking of K-12 education foundations — “Stepping Up: The Nation’s Top K-12 Education Foundations 2016” — has ranked Educational Foundation of Lake County fortieth in the [...]

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Pinellas Education Foundation ranks first in national study

Colleen Wright, Times Staff Writer December 7, 2017 The Pinellas Education Foundation is still on top.  A national, annual study called Stepping Up has ranked the Pinellas foundation the top education foundation in the country for [...]

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Nation’s top ed foundations mostly in 6 states

        by Tara García Mathewson December 7, 2016 Dive Brief: The third annual study and ranking of K-12 education foundations by the Caruthers Institute (formerly Dewey & Associates) found that the nation’s top [...]

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