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Education (Bio)


Dewey’s leadership in education is with K-12 education foundations, which he believes have unrealized potential to provide solutions for public education that are far greater than recognized. K-12 education foundations offer the opportunity for local communities to become engaged to enhance public education, which can range from innovation in programming to advocacy in policies.

He studies the nation's top-performing K-12 education foundations more often and in-depth than anyone else in nation. Dewey authors the annual study "Stepping Up: The Nation's Top K-12 Education Foundations", which is widely read and nationally recognized by education foundation executives and board members, school superintendents and school board members, and education leaders.

Dewey has a Master's Degree in Organizational Management, and a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism.  He is 52-years-old and has lived in Florida for the past 20 years. He lives with his two daughters – Violet who is 12-years-old and Scarlet who is 9-years-old.