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Community Advisory Board

Dewey Caruthers uses the Community Advisory Board as a resource for guidance, direction and feedback.  Members so far include (in alpha order):

  • Deborrah Brodsky, Project on Accountable Justice
  • Joe Clark, former president of the Eckerd Family Foundation
  • Alyson Clements, National Juvenile Justice Network
  • Watson Haynes, Pinellas Urban League
  • Scott McCoy, Southern Poverty Law Center
  • Michelle Morton, ACLU
  • Daphne Robinson, Delinquency Prosecutor, Caddo Parish District Attorney’s office, Louisiana
  • Irene Sullivan, retired Circuit Judge (former juvenile judge in Pinellas County and law professor at Stetson University College of Law)

The criteria for identifying members of the Community Advisory Board:

  • Agreement that Pinellas County cannot “arrest its way of the teen auto theft problem.”
  • Agreement that current approaches are not working
  • Consider themselves “reform-minded”