Methods Overview 2019-04-25T11:27:22-04:00

Overview: Study / Convenings Process

A study and series of convenings will be conducted with the short-term goal to curb the number of teen auto thefts, and long-term goal to address root causes like the conditions and systemic failures that lead to repeat auto thefts by youth.

Study Research (initial list, with additional topics to be added throughout process)

  • National best practices and national models
  • Analysis of the systems and processes of juvenile arrest-detention-release-reoffend cycle.
  • Root Cause Analysis of the conditions and systemic failures that lead to repeat auto thefts by youth, in particular analyzing conditions for youth who have repeatedly stolen cars
  • Structural data for at-risk youth: poverty, quality of education, before- and after-school activities, parks and recreation opportunities, and other indicators that applies a Social Determinants of Health framework)
  • Pathway Analysis connecting social determinant of health conditions to youth behaviors
  • Interviews with more than 30 national, state and local experts
  • Interviews with youth who have stolen cars or those at risk for stealing cars and their families
  • National / international literature review to identify programs that address youth auto theft and similar offenses
  • Interviews with youth arrested for auto theft and their parents
  • Suggested changes to Prolific Offender Law, based on evidence of what does and does not work
  • Recommendations for evidence-based prevention and intervention programs for youth
  • Changes to state and local policies and systems
  • Amount of funding needed from federal and state government for prevention and intervention programming


  • Convenings (three planned) with experts outlining recommended solutions and decision-makers adopting solutions.


  • May / June: Study completed and shared with community