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Top 14 Kids Arrested

Research is clear that kids who experience trauma early in their lives are at higher risk of engaging in risky behaviors. Coupling this with historical disinvestment in low-income communities and communities of color that marginalize families and whole communities, it’s not surprised to see who is getting tangled up in the juvenile justice system.

SOURCE: Tampa Bay Times (2017)

Of the 14 top kids arrested for teen auto theft, at least…

12 were boys

12 were black

11 had domestic violence in their homes

10 had a parent or guardian receiving child support payments

10 appeared in police reports before they were 9 years old

8 were arrested by age of 14

8 had a parent spend time in jail or prison

8 lived with families who faced eviction

8 attended two of the worst-performing middle schools in south Pinellas

6 were possible victims in child abuse or neglect complaints or investigations

4 are currently in adult jails or prisons