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The Institute uses dashboards as a data visualization tool for the purpose of giving the data a voice in policy discussions and decision-making.

Florida Juvenile Auto Thefts by City (companion study not yet released)

Shows the problem of juvenile auto theft in Florida cities.  The dashboard provides number of juvenile auto theft arrests by city and year (past five years), which reveals city trends, allows for city comparisons, and spotlights cities with the highest arrest rates. Thanks to Florida Department of Juvenile Justice for the raw data.


Alabama Civil Citation Dashboard (companion study: Arrests for Common Youth Misbehavior in Alabama)

Shows the reduction in arrests if Alabama would adopt juvenile civil citations, an alternative to arrest for common youth misbehavior.  Additionally, the dashboard has five years of juvenile arrest data that provides for sorting by race, age, gender, law enforcement agency and year.  This is the first time statewide juvenile arrest data has been reported publicly.  Thanks to the Alabama Department of Youth Services for the raw data.