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Pinellas Teen Auto Theft

The Pinellas County teen auto theft epidemic continues 

St. Petersburg is ground zero for a years-long dangerous joyriding crisis that has spread throughout Pinellas County, which has led the state – and at times the nation – in number of juvenile auto theft arrests (estimated 13 people have been killed and many more injured, not to mention the property damage).


The Caruthers Institute conducted a solutions-driven study that combines national expert opinions and best practices with local knowledge gained from law enforcement, community leaders, and Pinellas youth who’ve been involved in thefts. The short-term goal is to reduce the number of teen auto thefts, while the long-term goal is to address root causes. The study includes recommendations for solutions and immediate next steps.

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Teen Auto Theft Victims

Study Teen auto theft victims in Pinellas County: We want to hear from you! Your voice is not being heard in the debate on how to handle the crisis of children stealing cars for dangerous joyriding. Contact us and share your story. Tell us how this issue has impacted your life.

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