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National K-12 Education Foundations



K-12 education foundations are engaging their local communities – often the top business leaders – to generate learning resources for classrooms, teachers and students.  These resources represent flexible dollars for school districts to use to keep pace with the rapidly changing learning environment.

K-12 education foundations offer programs that shape the whole student – arts and music programs, environmental education, dropout prevention, leadership training, programs to cultivate young entrepreneurs, and career and technical education – to mention only a handful of the efforts.  In fact, many education foundations were advocating STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) long before it became a trendy, mainstream education topic.

Many education foundation board members have a unique blend of skills and experience – they are local business leaders who have a deep understanding of public education.  These board members are engaging leaders in their communities to invest money, talent and time into improving the student learning experience.

The Institute has conducted numerous national studies (see studies below) of K-12 education foundations to quantify how they are enhancing public education.

The Caruthers Institute research reveals that in 2015 the 200 largest K-12 education foundations:

 Million Generated

Invested to enhance local public education.

 Million Held

In assets showing long-term sustainability.

 Million Spent

On programs for students and teachers.

Enlisted Volunteers

Who want to be part of the solution.


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