Some Florida law enforcement leaders are hurting efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus, says study

During this era of shutdowns and limited seating capacities, many counties are continuing to arrest children for first-time common youth misbehavior in spite of public health risks (St. Petersburg, Fla. January 14, 2021) Florida officials [...]

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Study shows Florida continues to arrest thousands of children for first-time common youth misbehavior

Fifth annual study on Florida pre-arrest diversions shows 10 law enforcement agencies are responsible for one-third of arrests statewide. ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.— The Caruthers Institute’s fifth annual comprehensive study of alternatives to juvenile arrests for [...]

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Study shows Pinellas teen auto theft epidemic going strong

St. Petersburg-based think tank reports Pinellas averages four arrests per week for dangerous joyriding that threatens public safety. ST PETERSBURG, Fla. (October 28, 2019)—The teen auto theft epidemic in Pinellas County, which has killed 12 [...]

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St. Petersburg and Orlando lead state in deadly trend of juvenile auto thefts

ST PETERSBURG, FL (August 19, 2019) — St. Petersburg and Orlando lead the state in juvenile auto theft arrests, which have been rampant in Florida in the past five years, reports The Caruthers Institute, a [...]

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Alabama juvenile justice study shows how to shrink school-to-prison pipeline

NEWS RELEASE / August 19, 2019 Juvenile justice study shows Alabama could reap enormous benefits and shrink its school-to-prison pipeline by adopting new approach to common youth misbehavior Study also reveals more black youth charged [...]

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4 lessons for your state from the Alabama study on arrests for common youth misbehavior

A new juvenile justice study shows that Alabama could have saved more than $52 million and arrested nearly 36,000 fewer children for minor offenses in 2012-16 by using Florida’s juvenile civil citation pre-arrest diversion approach. [...]

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Study announces top 50 K-12 education foundations in the nation

Study announces top 50 K-12 education foundations in the nation, revealing the impact that local communities make on public education.  “Stepping Up: The Nation’s Top K-12 Education Foundations 2016” showed Six states – Florida, Texas, [...]

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