Osceola County, Florida lagging behind with juvenile civil citations

Osceola County Florida’s efforts with juvenile civil citation, an alternative to arrest for common youth misbehavior, is lagging behind.  The county’s utilization rate with juvenile civil citations for 2016 (January – September) is 27%, only slightly higher than its 21% rate for FY 2014-2015, according to our research.

The Osceola school district had a utilization rate for 30% for FY 14-15, according to “Stepping Up: Florida’s Top Juvenile Civil Citations 2016,” the state’s top annual study on the topic.  This shows more youth are being issued civil citations on school premises than in the community.

If the county would increase its utilization to 75%, it would generate $580,000 – $1.8 million in cost savings that could be used to prevent and handle felonies.

Osceola County, FL
Juvenile Civil Citation 2016 Update

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