Florida counties fare poor on juvenile civil citation rates with three-quarters earning an F grade

  • School districts fared better than counties, with nearly one-quarter (23 percent) earning an A or B grade. Law enforcement agencies had the highest percentage of A and B grades at 26 percent.  Both districts and agencies had high numbers of F’s – 51 percent and 61 percent respectively.
  • The study reports nearly 9,000 arrests for common youth misbehavior in calendar year 2016, which is approximately 3,000 fewer than 2015.
  • For the second consecutive year, there were three counties—Duval, Hillsborough and Orange—that accounted for approximately one-quarter of all arrests statewide.  The three counties arrested more than 2,000 youth with utilization rates of 28 percent, 37 percent and 43 percent, respectively.
  • The 2016 top-performing counties for juvenile civil citation include: Miami-Dade, Monroe and Pinellas.


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